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Take Your Business to the Next Level

Just like a professional sports team needs a professional coach to perform to the best of its ability, so does a business.

Sometimes we think we know it all when it comes to business but having independent professionals – like a qualified accountant or business coach – providing an unbiased opinion is a must for any business committed to succeeding. An accountant, for example, can provide you with a fresh perspective on the state of your business’s affairs, and can provide you with a much-needed reality check that drives you to make changes (read more about why your business needs an accountant over here).

Like an accountant provides the guidance you need to keep your business finances in the black – which helps you invest in and grow your business – a business coach can provide valuable insight that will help you develop short and long-term goals and strategies which can help increase sales and grow profits.

Free Business Coaching Consultation

Here at RBK Accountants, we may know all about accounting and tax, but have found working with a business coach invaluable in attending to the other areas of our business. They’ve helped us, and now we’d like them to help you, which is why all clients who sign up for our monthly managed services receive a FREE profit making consultation with our personal business coach – Darryn Le Grange of ActionCOACH® Business Coaching.

New Monthly Managed Services clients, get a free ActionCOACH® consultation!

“The ActionCOACH® philosophy and methods really work, and proves that all business owners have something to learn and improve on in their business. Not shy of telling me where I’m going wrong, Darryn Le Grange’s honesty has provided me with the tools I need to run a successful business. Most importantly, he teaches that change starts with us – with taking ownership, responsibility and accountability. He has a passion for building people who build businesses; he genuinely cares about his clients, and that’s a philosophy and approach he and I share.”

Ryan Kruger, RBK Business Accountants

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