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RBK Business Accountants | As business partners , we help owner-managed businesses build financially healthy, fruitful organizations, by giving them peace of mind that they have a trusted business partner who always has their best interest at heart with genuine care to help.

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About RBK

We are a firm that empowers people. We are business partners, not just accountants. 

At RBK Business Accountants, We are a progressive accounting firm that is passionate about helping entrepreneurs build fruitful businesses.

We are the medical aid for our clients businesses. 

Not all accountants are made the same.  We are not your average accountants.

Accounting fees are classified as an expense in accounting terms. However, at RBK Business Accountants, we are not a cost to our clients but an investment.

We don’t just do compliance and taxes.

We are your trusted advisors, that give you more time to work on your business, not in your business.

Our focus at Business Accountants is to be business partners rather than simply independent accountants.

We are registered Accounting and Tax professionals with the expertise and experience to support you.

We understand that your business is the vehicle to help you reach your personal goals.

At RBK Business Accountants, we are a vital piece of the puzzle to help you reach your personal and business goals.


We are passionate about what we do and our beliefs


Business owners who take control of their finances lead the entities that flourish. At RBK we have seen the difference between those who care about their finances and those that don’t. 


At RBK Business Accountants, we firmly believe that as a business owner if you do not know your numbers you don’t know your business.


Accounting should never be done solely to be compliant and satisfy SARS. The primary purpose of accounting should be to provide accurate and useful information to make good decisions. 


At RBK Business Accountants, we don’t believe in taking shortcuts with accounting, and bookkeeping. We believe in doing things properly. Proper record-keeping is vital to Business Success. The basis of many advisory services is founded on timely, accurate data. Without it, the value of that service falls apart. 


Business Accountants and business owners must have a proactive and progressive mindset


In all aspects of life, transparent and efficient communication is the foundation of all successful relationships. Our Business Accountants Team understand the importance of effective communication. 


RBK Business Accountants

At RBK Business Accountants, we have learnt that Owner-managed business owners often overlook the importance of the financial element of running a successful business. Generally, business owners are too busy working in their business and neglect the financial management of their business. This is a recipe for disaster and leads to the destruction of many businesses.

Most business owners have no financial education, which leads them into making bad business decisions. They simply don’t know, what they don’t know. They don’t understand the impacts of poor financial decisions and poor financial management until it’s too late. The RBK Business Accountants team try our best to help our clients with financial education. 

At RBK Business Accountants, we are passionate about helping business owners prosper and helping them avoid making the mistakes that lead businesses to fail. 

You may be the best in your trade, but if you don’t understand business and finances, then you are destined to fail without associating yourself with a mentor/business partner who can advise and guide you to success. At RBK Business Accountants, we are your mentor and business partner. 


At RBK Business Accountants, We don’t just work with anyone. We feel it is extremely important that we work with business owners who meet the following criteria and share our values.

Financial Management and Values

Our clients must prioritize the financial management of their business and believe in our values, our purpose, and our passion for business and entrepreneurship.

Modern and Progressive

Are progressive and embrace modern-day technology


At RBK we are honest, transparent, punctual, professional, and communicate with us efficiently. We expect the same from our clients.

Accountable and Responsible

Are Accountable, take Ownership, and Responsible for their actions and decisions. These are key values that we practice and expect our clients to do the same with their businesses.


Want to better themselves and are driven to grow their business. At RBK, we are driven and always want to better ourselves.


Value the commitment, contribution, and value that we provide. We do not work with individuals who believe that accountants are a grudge purpose.

Solution Driven

Believe in proper record keeping and do not have a problem with giving us the tools to help them. They are solution-driven and not price-driven. We don't compare ourselves to cheap accountants who don't do accounting properly. That is not who we are.

Team Effort

Understand that it is a team effort, from both us and our clients to honour our responsibilities to produce reliable financials.

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