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18th July 2017
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7th September 2017
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One unavoidable aspect of running your own business is the accounting that comes along with it. With most business entities in South Africa belonging to the SME sector, there are fewer and fewer companies that are able to employee the full-time services of an in-house business accountant.

Electing to outsource your business accounting to a professional business accountant is a smart move, but with so many to choose from – the decision is never an easy one. RBK Business Accountants offers a few key qualities to look for when selecting a business accountant in South Africa…

They Help You Grow

A good business accountant wants to do your books; a great one wants to help you grow your business! By outsourcing your accounting tasks to a business accountant, you are freed up to focus solely on your business growth – and a great business accountant should do everything in their power to facilitate this.

A truly brilliant business accountant will endeavour to reduce your tax burden by finding legitimate business taxation breaks. By doing this, your accountant can save your business money – which is something most business owners wouldn’t mind in the slightest!

RBK Business Accountants offer all new clients a free profit-making consultation with a certified business coach – further assisting South African businesses to increase sales and boost profits.

They Offer You More

One telling sign of a superb business accountant is their ability to offer you more than simply book-keeping or accounting services. Your business administration encompasses a range of tasks that you are required to perform – and meticulously!

Your ideal business accountant should be able to offer you the basic accountancy services, as well as a few bolt-on services that make your life easier, further reducing your business stress.

At RBK Business Accountants, we offer more than just accountancy solutions. It’s why we’re more than just accountants! Here are some added services we offer our clients:

• Taxation registrations and services
• Payroll services
• Liaison with SARS
• Monthly business performance reporting
• Company registrations
• Business advisory services
• B-BBEE certificates

They Come Highly Recommended

When it comes to hiring business professionals, what others have to say about them carries much weight, indeed. You wouldn’t hire a clown for your daughter’s fifth birthday party if his past customers have complained about his services. In the age of social media, one wrong move as a professional can leave a lasting bad impression in the minds of the general public.

Choose a business accountant that has past clients who can vouch for them; not their friends from school or their neighbour, but actual clients who have used their business accounting services and who are more than satisfied with the service they received. If your potential business accountant doesn’t have testimonials that feature words like accessible, professional, passionate, pleasure to deal with, and the like – you might want to keep looking.

Professional Business Accountants in Durban

If you own a business, and bookkeeping is fast becoming a headache you’d rather leave to the experts, hire professional bookkeeping services and business accounting solutions from RBK – we’re more than just accountants…