Accounting fees are classified as an expense in accounting terms. At Business Accountants we don’t see ourselves as a cost to our clients. We see ourselves as an investment. Not all accountants are made the same. We are modern, progressive and have a real passion for business.

We empower our clients to grow their businesses. We have accountants in Johannesburg and in Durban. We provide accounting services throughout South Africa.

Why Choose Us?

Free Up Time

Why employ when you can outsrouce your accounting and bookkeeping at a fraction of the cost? We take care of your accounting, tax, and payroll that you cant or don’t want to do. Giving you time to focus on growing your business.

Trusted Advisors

We are your partner, rather than your independent accountant. We dont just do accounting, compliance and tax.

Guaranteed Tax Savings

Putting more money in your pocket.

Fixed Monthly Fees

We charge a set monthly fee which is transparent and includes your selected business accounting, tax, payroll, advisory and accounting support.

Monthly Management Accounts.

Proper management accounts with a true reflection on your business performance. Waiting 12 months for annual financial statements to make sound business decisions is not acceptable in this fast paced world. If you dont know your numbers then you dont know your business.

Proper Communication

No such thing as waiting for your accountant to get hold of you. We have a 24-hour turnaround time on all emails and phone calls, making use of all the latest technologies such as Zoom, Microsfot Teams, Karbon, Telvia and more. We pride ourselves on efficient communication.

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Accountants Durban


Most businesses fail because of poor financial management. Don’t overlook the importance of the financial element of running a business. Get your books in order with Business Accountants and focus on growing your business.

Business Accountants


Structure your tax properly. It’s all about working smart. If not done properly, the taxman can destroy your business. We’ll help you get legal tax breaks, which means more money to invest in your business.

Business Accountants


We help you achieve your personal goals. After all, your business is the vehicle you use you reach your personal goals. Your business must work for you. You cant work for your business. Our accounting team will help you achieve your goals.

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Or we can come to you!

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