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Signing up for our business tax services will enable us to provide you with feedback on your tax liability for the tax year. This information allows you to make provision throughout the year for your company’s tax liability, thus avoiding any unnecessary tax penalties and cash flow problems. Using our knowledge of South African tax laws and regulations, we can advise you how to best comply with tax legislation and minimise your tax burden legitimately.

Company Tax Returns

The company tax return is a legally binding declaration, and it’s vital that deadlines aren’t missed as penalties and interest applies to late and non-submissions.


VAT is an indirect taxation on the consumption of goods and services. It’s often misunderstood – professional VAT assistance is vital for VAT vendors.

Supplementary Declarations

SARS sometimes requires supplementary declarations in addition to a company tax return. Additional information must be submitted to SARS on Payroll and VAT submissions and calculations.

Capital Gains Tax

In specific circumstances, tax will be applicable on the gain earned from the sale of an asset, including that of a financial asset.

Provisional Tax Returns

It’s compulsory for companies to submit at least two provisional tax returns for each tax year. It’s vital not to miss deadlines, or to understate your tax liability, as penalties apply.

Dividend Tax

Dividends tax charged at 15% on shareholders when dividends are paid to them. Companies who plan to declare dividends to its shareholders need to file a dividends tax return.

Tax Registrations

We handle various tax registrations, including value-added tax (VAT), pay-as-you-earn (PAYE), skills development levy (SDL), and company and individual income tax.

SARS Objections and Appeals

It’s not uncommon for SARS to make errors when assessing taxpayer’s returns. We can object and appeal SARS assessments on your behalf, lessening the tax burden and your stress levels.

Tax Clearances

A tax clearance certificate is confirmation from SARS that a company’s tax affairs are in order at the date of the certificate’s issue.

Consultation and Liaison with SARS

We can handle all tax affairs on your behalf, and address your tax related queries, including SARS branch interviews for VAT registration.

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