What to Look for in a Business Accountant
16th August 2017
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The daily stresses that come with running a business often prevent business owners from dedicating their time to the administration side of things. For this reason, business accounting firms are available to take the headache out of running a business by performing key business functions on behalf of the business owner. We take a look at a few essential services your business accounting advisors should be performing for you below…

A is for Accounting Services

The accounting services you receive from your outsourced business accounting practitioners should be advised and performed by registered accountants. This gives you peace of mind that the advice you are getting is from a reputable accountant. Accounting services offered by business accounting professionals should also include annual financial statements, which need to be prepared no less than six months after year-end. Your business accountant should also be able to advise you if your company’s annual financial statements are subject to independent review.

B is for Business Advisory Services

Thinking about a loan to make possible that business venture you’ve been thinking about? In order to secure a loan from a financial institution, you’ll need a professional business plan formulated. Another one of the key business advisory services your outsourced business accounting practitioner should offer you is cash flow forecasts and statements. A professional business accountant should be able to help you properly forecast, plan and manage your finances. This includes providing timely financial information to decision makers in the company.

C is for Company Secretarial Services

Much like business accounting services, secretarial services deal with the administration of starting and operating a business. For new companies, a business accounting practitioner should be able to perform company registrations with the Companies and Intellectual Properties Commission (CIPRO). Another secretarial service is B-BBEE certification application, something our accountants at RBK can provide for Exempt Micro Enterprises. According to legislation, all South African employers and employees need to be registered with the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF). Professional business accounting practitioners should be able to register your employees for UIF.

Business Accounting Services in Durban

When you hire the services of RBK Business Accountants, you can rest assured that you’ll be receiving all of the above business accounting services – and so much more! We take pride in our business accounting functions, and joy from assisting business owners to grow the companies they invest so much of their time and effort into. To find out how we can assist your business, get in touch with RBK Business Accountants here