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Who Are We?

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Accountants Who Don't Burn Their Clients

We are accountants who do not burn our clients. Full Stop. Our accounting firm cares for our clients and appreciates them. From a business and human perspective, we cannot understand why so many accounting firms burn their clients?  It blows our mind knowing so many firms do not take care of their clients. With us, you can be rest assured that you and your business will be well taken care of and that your experience with us will be a positive one. As your business partner, you will be well taken care of. 

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Accountants Who Deliver

We are an accounting firm that delivers. To be brutally honest, our government could learn a thing or two from our accounting & tax services. Our accounting firm delivers on our promises and do what we say we going to do. We respond to calls and emails because that’s who we are. That mind sound like a basic thing to do, but we hear many stories where accountants just don’t return calls and emails and can’t even deliver on their promises. Most likely because they simply just don’t care about their clients. Well, this is not us, at our accounting firm, we have a genuine concern for our clients and take our service delivery extremely seriously.

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Accountants Who Have Your Best Interest At Heart

We are accountants that actually care about your business and your family. Yes, that may sound a bit cliché but it’s the truth. This is actually what makes us different from other accountants.  Caring about the people we serve and work with is in our DNA and forms part of our daily accounting & tax services. Our entire team is made up of individuals with similar personalities. The type that goes out of their way to help others. This didn’t just happen by mistake. Our accounting firm is based on character first, and the rest follows. So often we hear our new clients complain about their old accountants “my accountant just doesn’t care, he never returns my calls, or I have been waiting months for my financials. Our accounting firm believes everything that happens in your business impacts your family, your staff, and your staff’s family. We are here to take care of our clients not bring them down. We always strive to give the best accounting and services.

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Accountants Who Care About Customer Experience

Have you ever been to a restaurant and were made to feel like you are not welcome or not special? You wait forever for your food, then it’s delivered with a miserable face?

The way our accounting firm makes our clients feel is extremely important to us. We want them to call us and have an overall positive experience. We are not just accountants. The role we serve is far greater. Our clients are appreciated and valued. At our accounting firm, we truly believe that we provide a great experience for all our clients and go out of our way to ensure we are a pleasure to deal with.

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Accountants With Company Culture

We have an incredible team. We care about each other and our family. We are always here for each other and understand why we do what we do. If our team isn’t happy, then our clients would feel that negative energy, We truly believe that we are one happy family and the results show in our interaction with each other and our clients. Our clients definitely benefit from the spirit of our amazing team culture. Our accounting and tax services thrive from our amazing company culture. 

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Accountants With a Purpose

Why does our accounting firm wake up every day and do what we do? We are passionate about helping business owners grow and all the people that are associated with their business. This passion positively impacts our clients and as a result, they get the very best they deserve.

As business partners, we help owner-managed businesses build financially healthy, fruitful organizations, by giving them peace of mind that they have a trusted business partner who always has their best interest at heart and genuine care to help.

What RBK Business Accountants Gives You

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At RBK Business Accountants, we charge a set monthly membership fee, which is transparent and includes your selected accounting, tax, payroll, advisory and advisory services. You select what services you need for the year, and you pay a set monthly fee for those services. We don't believe in surprising our clients with unexpected ad-hoc invoices. 



We are your partner and not just your independent accountant. We are more than just accountants. Our accounting and tax services form part of the bigger picture which is partnering with you to help you grow your business.

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Know the true reflection of your business performance. Waiting 12 months for annual financial statements to make sound business decisions is not acceptable in this fast-paced world. Business owners must know their numbers to know their business. 

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Why try to do the books yourself and risk making errors when you are not an accounting professional? This can only lead to a false representation of your business performance which has many consequences. Rather focus your attention and time doing what you as the business owner should be doing.  Growing your business.


No such thing as waiting for your accountants to get back to you, or feeling like your accountant doesn't care. We do not burn our clients. We have genuine care and concern for them. It's in our culture. This is what makes us different from other accountants and why we provide the best accounting services. 

Tax Services


Structured Company and Individual Taxes. Working smartly to save you money using our tax expertise and tax planning. 

Accountants Who Do Things Differently

Accountants Who Care

Not All Accountants Are Made The Same.

At RBK We Do Things Differently.

Accounting fees are classified as an expense in accounting terms but in reality, good accounting firms should not be a cost but an investment. Accountants should save clients money, not cost them. At Business Accountants, we are accountants WHO CARE about our clients and always have their best interest at heart. We are business partners, not just accountants.

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